Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Happy Mom Layout

It's a well known fact that you must comply with Mom when she wants a photo. Even if it's a silly photo of the World's Third Largest Garden Gnome and you...

See the folks at this farm thought it would be cool to build this oober large gnome and then must be others thought the same thing and built theirs a wee bit bigger so now this gnome is only the third largest. Is is however, not something a 16 year old wants to be seen with....hence all the action shots of Lexi fleeing....proving the point the kid can actually run although nobody has seen that since she was ten....until now.

It's a pretty simple page. Using up a long strip of kraft paper that I cut a bunch of leaves out of was pretty satisfying. This is the last page I'm making (I think) of our trip to the Hudson Valley. I still have Italy photos to get through! (I think I'm focused on Venice this next week, we'll see!)

Happy Sunday!


  1. This brought smile to my face :). Lovely moments you have captured.

  2. hehe I was going to say those are really little people... or a big gnome... a big gnome it is.. fabulous layout.. love the photos..

  3. Oh my... that's awesome... the gnome... the pics... the layout.. love it all!


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