Monday, June 5, 2017

Laundrying & Half the Battle

If you've been reading this blog for a bit, you'll know that recently we have been working on our laundry room. Well folks, we now have running water in our sink! The laundry room counter is looking mightily fine & things are functional on this side of the room. This is awesomeness and now I have to just remember I actually have a sink and soap dispenser I can use! So pretty.

We wrapped up the install this weekend with a little vintage wooden foot that I installed on the very edge and a nice piece of molding along the bottom of the counter. A little white spray paint helped it blend right in!

On the subject of blending in, at my day job I learned something cool. One of our volunteers Doug quite often paints the pipes in the laundry room. Since they are usually white with the purple primer, painting them the same color as the room allows them to blend better. You might notice on top I painted them the gray brown of the walls and the bottom they are white! Doesn't take that long and really helps make things visually blend!

Now to tackle the rest of the's where the hot water heater, water softener & electrical panel are, which involves some careful plumbing work to bring some things up to date & some painting...Good thing it's Monday and we're all back to work...

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  1. So this turned out gorgeous! Very cool technique for hiding the mechanical bits... what a happy place to do a necessary chore...


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