Monday, June 12, 2017

Rocking the Japanese Garden

I have been trying since early spring to get this garden done. A bonus for me was that a house we are working on at work has a LOT of extra rocks that I have been mining. Got a huge load on Friday and spent quite a lot of time Saturday working them in.

The little irises are looking so pretty with all those stones. We have huge pine trees around the house so with all the pine needles it's hard to keep that garden clean. The rocks will really help as when we put wood chips down, those just blow along with the needles. I have one more load of rocks to get the garden wrapped up...ugh! So close!

The irises are even pretty from this side! Love that huge juniper! Fun times this garden! Can't wait to install my ceramic koi fish I got for Mother's Day! Well, I'll be back to show you the whole thing after another load of rocks and a fish install!

Happy Monday!


  1. wow this garden bed looks wonderful...

  2. Oh wow... that's gorgeous... I do miss these types of gardens... although I'd miss cacti if I couldn't have them any more either... I believe I might need two homes..


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