Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunshine & Good Times: Oneida Lake

So, I have dipped my toe in the water of Project Life and a gater snapped it off. No really, I found quickly that I detest the little pockets that you fill up. I didn't like the clear see through nature of them hence ripped them all out of the pockets and glued them down to a regular page of scrap book paper. Having done that with all my pages, it was second nature to take a page of project life paper, cut it accordingly, add a couple of other scraps and voila! Instant patch work page.

My big photo collage echos the background. Just a bunch of cool photos from the weekend. Luke grilling up a huge salmon, Grandpa Roger driving around his three wheeled golf cart, a bunch of crazy peeps on the boat, and a new cottage are all memory worthy!

It's a pretty flat page with the exception of these letters. A couple of them I made, because I must use a LOT of A's so instead of tossing all the letters in the garbage...trying to use some more up!

Happy Happy! Back tomorrow with a layout on a glass mosaic! I do love black grout!


  1. Pretty layout. I really love the idea of creating a photo collage for this layout.

  2. Beautiful! Love the negative leaf pieces you used... very cool! Great layout!


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