Saturday, July 2, 2011

Off to the Lake!

We are off to the lake today and I'm bringing these cool pages along my friend Marilyn worked up for me for our July swap. We are a bit ahead of ourselves! My theme for July was "Trips" and I dug up some photos for Marilyn from a trip to Paris I made in the summer between Freshman and Junior year in Highschool. I unfortunately can't remember much about where we took the photos, so I am going to try to rely on my Aunt's memory. I might have her do my journalling too. It might be cool to talk about having her niece hang out for the large part of the summer with them. I will post them back when we're done!

All the pages Marilyn and I are doing for each other go into a book by themselves, so at the end, we will have a completed book made by the other person! I am sticking with an overall theme of Childhood for mine, so they all will have some kind of order. I must admit, if you have a good scrap buddy, this is so much fun. Very exciting as you never know what they are going to do. And if you love their style, it's like getting a hug in the mail followed by chocolate!

My other new fun post is exciting for me! I won the ScrapFit Weekend Workout #9! So exciting to see my name in print! Check it out here! The page I submitted is my Garden page...check it out on the side of their blog!


My other fun thing is my new little desk/table I got for my scrap corner. I have before and after photos! I can now add more sewing to my projects since I have my sewing machine set up. I am a firm believer in having your tools accessable so you can use them!


The last couple of pages I did all had machine sewing! And I'm really happy how they turned out. I see a bunch of blogs this week talking about sewing on pages and there are a couple about what needles and thread works the best. Nothing is worse than snapping a needle or broken thread when you rolling along with your machine!

Anyhow, have a Happy 4th! I am not sure when I will post next, but it might be one about the wedding we went to OR the 4 wheeling the next day...super fun stuff!



  1. Loving your new 'space' and loveeeeeeeeeeee the pages too!! Have fun at the lake! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Lovely layout and I am loving your new space!

  3. I think the page swapping idea is really is so great that each of you will have a completed album by the other person at the end. So nice getting new furniture and organizers for ones scrap space..makes things so much more efficient. :)

  4. Sounds like fun! Loving the makeover - I don't have space for my sewing machine to live out & it really is a hindrance!! Congrats on your win too - woo hoo!!!

  5. congrats on winning,I use to do swaps it was fun, then i got too busy to participate...
    Don’t forget to add it to our linking party for our readers to discover your blog at

  6. Loving your space, so neat and tidy and a sewing machine is a must, love your Paris layout so cool.


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