Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sand Art and some Eye Candy Magic bling

I'm all about blog love. This post will contain at least two blog love references! If you have not wandered over to the Eye Candy Blog, you really should. Samantha makes her own items for scrap pages and they are even more amazing in real life. I used her little feltie sun on this page and I love it!

She has a new sale coming up, so go check out her SNEAKS!

Here is a pic of her little doily! I am all about tie-dye and these are mottled like that. I SOOO LOVE them. I had to restrain myself from adding more to my page. I wanted to, I really really did. I cut them in half so I could get more on my page! Easy to cut too and they don't unravel. My next page will have more, I am terrible when I get new stuff. I have to use it up, even if I make up projects.

My last little bit of blog love involves this turtle. Firstly, the sizzix came over from Shirley next door. I really have to admit though, I wasn't sure if I was going to use him...I had to make him first and see how he fit in with the rest of my bling...but due to a cool blog I read yesterday, I got an idea that I really liked and now I am super happy with Mr. Turtle. Check out Valerie's page here. She was blogging about loving her sizzix. Now, I have put some pretty odd things through mine. I wasn't sure however about using a little piece of leather/chipboard (grunge board) from Tim Holz. It didn't seem like it might work, but VOILA! It was awesome. And I love the dimension and texture. Of course I added some ink....

Oh and when you get to Valerie's page, she is trying to win Idol, so maybe you can vote for her? Check out the side of her blog and a pretty little flowery butterfly card that is so sweet. I hope she wins.

And there you have it!


  1. OH wow, summer fun!! lovely bloom and doily, how nicely you embellished this wonderful page!

  2. Love those handmade touches too! That turtle looks so grungy & cool!! I bought a stack of doilies from Australia recently & they just arrived the other day (all stuffed into a little envelope) & have also just used 2 on my latest layout (but was too scared to cut them in half in case they frayed) am so going to do that next time though....when I have more time to seal the edges with glue...right now I am working in flat panic mode ;-D

  3. This is sooooooooooooooo fun! I loveeeeeeeeee those photos and that turtle is ADORABLE!!! :):):):):):):):):)

  4. Oh How Stunning is this layout! oh you have used these embellishment so wonderfully! and i totally unerstand how you feel when it comes to new stff, just want to sit and play! :) thank you for sharing {HUGS}

  5.'ve done an amazing job with this page! I love the sun, doilie and turtle...each of them adds a different texture to your layout. Love all your other touches, and the background is super.

  6. Hey Mitra - thanks for mentioning me on your blog and for your Gallery Idol support. You are so sweet to do that!! I'm sure your vote helped me make it to the next round :)
    Love that you are inspired to cut some unusual items in your Sizzix :)Looking forward to seeing what's up your sleeve!

  7. ...Now, about your page - love all your layers and that adorable textured turtle!!


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