Friday, July 1, 2011

Page 2 of Graduation, a Rant and some Ponderings

Got a great quote in my inbox yesterday from a friend. I think she said it was Oprah.
“When someone truly can be trusted to see who you are and want what's best for you, no matter your official relationship, they are family.”

I really had to think about that one a bit. Sometimes I struggle a bit with the relationship I have with immediate family. Some of them are quite a ways away and we've all moved on with our lives, but me being sensitive, thinks there should be more to it than just that. Or, it's been like 6 months and POP, there they are back into your life and you think, hold on just a minute. I had tried to stay in touch with you but you didn't have time and NOW you're trying to communicate? (I don't think too many people I actually know read this besides my Mom, so I am thinking I am pretty safe in posting this, LOL!)

Friends can kinda be the same way. You are there for them, but then you have some kind of trauma and they can't be found. It happens to be a pet peeve of mine, but like I said, I fall into the category of sensitive...However, I digress. Thanks for listening to my RANT! On to scrapping and how this ties into the page I'm making today.

I had gotten some excellent photos of Lexi at Graduation. The cafeteria where the actual ceremony was held has terrible lighting as does the library where the reception was. OR, I just need new camera! ;-) However, with LoFi I able to add a little light and spiff them up a bit. And the one of Lexi and her two BFFs is fabulous! Paige and Laura are awesome! They made Lexi's transition to this new school quite painless. I believe that Lexi sees them as sisters. And her Grandparents and her teacher have also been quite supportive of Lexi. She spends quite a bit of time on the phone with both her BFFs and her Grandparents. Thankfully no one else calls (or can call?) so she has free rein with the phone pretty much. I appreciate her friendships though so much as they enable her to grown into a young woman. And there hasn't been any drama either! Such true friends!

I used the flip side of the paper I made yesterday for this. I had thrown it out, although it broke my heart with the thought I could always make more...but I unearthed it from the garbage and give it new life with some sewing (had to sew, firstly to match the first page I made and secondly to hold it down, since it's kinda thin and wiggly).

Love how it now all flows in with the 1st page I did. I added a few things on so they matched more. I may still add more. This page is a bit of a progression for me.

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  1. Sorry you are having a rough time with friends right now ... {{{hugs}}} ... I loveeeeeeeeeeee this lo! I loveeeeee the photos, the big circle and loving the flowers! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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