Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yeah for me, a little monster, and a vote!

So, yeah, I'm pretty excited. I have to say. I am in the Guest Fit Girl Spot Light! Check me out here! Whoohooo!

And, I seriously need your help. I want to do a page for Purple Pumpkin...so you need to head out to their Facebook Page and vote for me tomorrow! I will try to remind you tomorrow but since I didn't even remember camp was this week, things are not looking promising on that front. Maybe you can remind me tomorrow to vote for my page? And they are in Australia, so tonight will be their tomorrow, I think?

And, here is the monster I promised. I recently starting stalking, I mean watching Lisa M. She blogged about her son's art which is super cool. You should totally check it out. Mr. B created this awesome cool monster I am pretty fond of. OK, so maybe he reminds me of someone...and he named him Eragon, super cool!

So go run, check out his work. When you see his name scrolling in the movie theater in a few years when you're watching a DreamWorks movie, you can say you read it here first. Seriously very cool monster. I must admit, it was quite a bit of fussy cutting...but worth it at the end. I don't have copics (yet?) so made do with some photo markers I had. And I used Helen's idea of printing out things on photopaper (She does her journalling) so they are shiny ahead of time.

And, here is the fancy cat. Used inspiration from that card I mentioned earlier. YOU know, the one you should go vote for. Only, I didn't use flowers but microbeads and sticky backed paper. And some primas that were on sale...and some antique buttons donated by Marilyn that had their little white strings dyed with some Tim Holtz purple stain. I was hoping the buttons would take the color, but no, so have to think on that still...

And, last but not least, the journalling. And yes, it's all true. He really is a little monster. A little sleeping monster, but let's not wake the beast or he will want a snack.

Ok and check out this page I got completed! I really wanted to use this monster!


  1. I Love it! It's fantasticly amazing! (: You have no idea how happy it makes me to see my little doodles used in other people's artwork, I love the card, you did a great job :D

  2. Great piece! Congrats on the fitgirl spotlight. Love the monster!

  3. Such a cool little monster and love what you have done with him! You are on fire at the moment!!xx

  4. I will go and vote for you tomorrow! :):):):) I loveeeeeeee this page...that monster and the little fishies are AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. The little monster is sooo cool and the fishies in the cats tummy are an amazing touch. I really love your pages as you put so many personal touches on them. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Your comment was MUCH appreciated! Hugs.

  6. whohooooooooo, congrats on the guest spot!

    I voted for you on Purple Pumpkin (hopefully I voted for the correct page, hehee), hope you win that!

    Very cool monster, I wish I could draw like him!

  7. That's a really cool page! Love the monster! :) Congrats on the spotlight! How exciting!!!! :)

    P/s: Thanks for your sweet thought...really appreciate it!!!:)

  8. Congrats on the spotlight feature...totally awesome and so exciting! Love the arty background of your layout...you're right that monster is super cool and I love the cat...plus the photo of your kitty...love cats!!! :)

  9. WOO HOO!!! Congratulations to you!!! That's awesome news. I don't have FB, but I'm putting my vote here (VOTE). :D LOVE this page and your cat is adorable...but being a cat lover myself, I know that they can be little monsters. B's monster looks amazing!!! Thank you so much for using his doodles!! :D
    Big smiles and hugs to you...
    Lisa xx

  10. Love this work!!

    Thanks for supporting us at the new challenge, Mitralee!! Spread the word, please and come play with us!!


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