Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Love Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

First up, a photo of the fiend, Eragon. No, he's not supposed to be on the counter. We had a big wind last night and after surveying the flower garden, I saw a bunch of my bee balm had fallen over. So, hence some hasty cut flowers for the counter. Evidently he thought he should have a good sniff and I caught him and happened to have the camera ready...

Now, on to a page....

I had taken this pie photo the other night with just the idea of blogging about it a bit. I do love pie. And I added some grated orange rind to this one that was zingy and awesome. Not to mention how much THE MAN loved it. But, then, I got playing around with a sewing pattern and a borrowed flower sizzix from my super cool neighbor and before five minutes, I had started a page. I was inspired for colors from a blog I read yesterday.

Kirsty was blogging about kraft and white. She was certainly convincing with some lovely photos. Go check it out here. Now, I wasn't EXACTLY successful sticking with just those colors. I think you will agree that I had to add some burgundy in to match my rhubarb! I didn't use exactly white, had to match my flowers a bit, so cream was more the color of choice. And I used a lighter color than stuff though.

The stickers I got from Marilyn the last time I saw her. She shared a couple of packages of hand made stickers that were glittery. I was pretty pleased how they merged right in with my flowers, brads, buttons, and leaves.

And, here is a shot of my journalling.

Just a fun page. Thanks for posting that Kirsty, it really inspired me!


  1. I loveeeee that photo!! Toooooooooo cute!! I love love love your lo too!! YUM to that pie and loving the flowers! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Firstly, YUM...that pie sure does look good! Your layout turned out fabulously...I LOVE the colours...absolutely perfect for the photo, and i love the flower lovely.
    Have a fab week...

  3. Great layout - that pie looks absolutely delicious & has made me ravenous - great colour choice & your flower clusters look amazing...

  4. YUM! i meant the flowers. the pie looks tasty too!


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