Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Phew! AND a double page spread....

This am involved a mad dash to camp! I had forgotten we had signed up Lexi for Camp Invention earlier this summer with the cousins coming and all! And, she was already committed to something today, so I begged them to let her brother go. He is super excited, so I am happy it's worked out for them.

And, last night instead of sorting through things on my desk (at which point I may have looked at the camp paper work and realized we missed a day already) I scrapped! It finally seemed to be a bit cooler and I was really inspired to at least start a double page spread. All kinds of ideas tumbling around my head! I had spotted this sketch a bit back on Sketch Support and wanted to use it for the pages I was going to do from our recent camping trip.

As things go in the creative rhelm, the ideas in my head didn' t translate necessarily to paper the way I thought they would, but I am super pleased with the results. My first goal was to age the photos a bit, so pulled them into LoFi and got a suitable color scheme that would work with some new paper I had just received in a kit. I believe the paper I used was Imaginesce and Fancy Pants. I do know that when I got my kit from Sara I took one look at that VW Camper and was like, um....I won't use that. AND, in typical fashion, it was the first thing I used.

Let me show you my inspiration for my second page.

It was the logo FROM the campground. If you want to check them out, click here.

Had to switch things up a bit so it would flow on my paper better. AND, of course the eagle was a Jolees addition that I purchased for the page from Ebay. We got to see an eagle up close on the road into the island and it swooped down and grabbed a fish! I was thinking I'd want to stitch my fish together like the layout, but then I couldn't bring myself to line them up...much less sew over them. So, they stay as is! And on the logo, I didn't like the new camper or boat, so used my own version on my page!

The lace is some that came from a HUGE BAG of goodies I just got from Marilyn. I used some glimmermist to make it a bit mottled. Thanks so much Marilyn for thinking of me! At some point I'll go through it a bit and share some with fellow scrappers.....in fact, I have a dyed button project in mind for a page this week!

Hope you have a great week! And I'm happy to be back in blog land! I have seen some super pages out there and around this week. And an amazing card. Check out Valerie's card here and head over to give her a vote! She's on round 2 yeah! I may just have to scraplift that idea from her...cut out cardstock with cute little flowers....

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  1. Amazing layout! I'm not surprised your so pleased with the results!!


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