Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dear Soldier: Blogged by Lexi

So while at school I heard over the announcements that the school was going to sent stuff to our troops over seas. I didn't really pay attention to it as I don't normally get involved in those types of things simply because I always figured that everyone else would load the boxes up or something of that sort. As a few days went by I noticed that the boxes always stayed empty and it wasn't because they where always being emptied. It was because no one was putting anything in them! So this time I decided to get involved, even though I normally avoid those types of things. I made up a list of stuff for Mom to get me from the store and I made these cute little bird things. "Perhaps"I thought "these little guys will amuse the troops" I gave them all names and little personalities written on a piece of paper witch I tucked into the cans.

 I hand drew an Eagle with a US flag and had Mom copy them. I put a little about myself in the cards and I made sure to include a return address, hoping that maybe one of the troops would decide to write me back. So the day i meant to bring them into school I of course, being the typical Lexi i am, forget it on the counter. My brother who goes to school an hour later than i do because he is still in the elementary grabbed it and brought it to school with him. 

His teacher told him he could take the package during recess. But he of course forgot it in his rush to get outside on the playground, go figure seeing how I don't even get a recess, so it spent a day in some cubby and the next day it made it up to me during my 3 period study hall. Of course as soon as all my classmates noticed the gray walmart bag they immediately assumed it was cupcakes or something, witch is confusing seeing how my birthday is in October. So after explaining that it wasn't actually my birthday and that it was for the troops they all got disinterested and and sad that no the bag didn't actually contain cupcakes or some other tasty treat. So finally the bag containing the treats for the troops was put in the box planed to be sent to the troops.

                     This ones name is Mickey along with friends, Molly, Mike, and DerpyBird

The letter i sent to the troops

         The inside of my letter, hopefully you guys will learn something about me too! :)


  1. Lexi, really cute birds. I am sure the troops will get a charge out of them. Here's hoping you get at least ONE letter back. Keep blogging, girl, you're great at it.

  2. That really is a lovely thing to do and I am sure it touched the hearts of those who received them..

  3. Awwwww....these are soooo they become mini-mascots over there....sad that the boxes didn't fill up - but I guess everyone thought the same as you.....and you can DRAW good! I can do stick figures - but putting clothes on them is beyond me & my houses have crooked chimneys & paths....your eagle is inspirational...wouldn't it be neat if someone DID write back. Course, I guess they're pretty busy fighting & even if they don't at least you know you've done something GOOD:):):):)

  4. What a lovely thing to do your mom is SO proud off you! I'm certain you make a few soldiers smile and feel good when they receive them
    Alison xx

  5. Lexi I had tears in my eyes at the thought that no-one cares enough to give for the troops. You are a very sensitive and clever girl for making all these things yourself. Love these little birds, and I'm sure the soldiers will too. Have a big cyber hug from me. xx

  6. What a kind gesture Lexi and glad to see that you are crafty like your mum!!

  7. You're on your way to being an incredible doctor Lexi! Kindness and compassion are key to helping patients heal and you certainly have a heart of gold. Thank you so much for your support of the troops. No doubt you will give these service men and women a much needed smile and comforts of home. :)
    But cupcakes????? :D
    Lisa x

  8. Your card is beautiful! I bet you'll achieve your ambition and in a few years time your Mum will be writing on her blog all about your fine doctoring skills


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