Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Moment In Time Scrapbook Page for Peru Album

Blogged a bit about this page yesterday in a journaling page I made for my Peru album.

This town was SO COOL. Ollantaytambo is basically an Inca Ruin with a town added in. Not to mention a train station that takes you up the mountain to Machu Piccu. 

I wanted more time to hang at these ruins but alas, we had a train to catch!

Can you see that HUGE slab of rock up there with a perfectly built up ramp? That was left at some point in time during construction and remains to this day to give Archaeologists an idea of how those large stones were moved. 

Here is a cross section of my page. I fell in love with the colors of the rocks so wanted to bring them out with my paper selection.

Made a little stage up top for my rock photos.

Love this little die cut that I inked up and sprayed. Shirley hooked me up with that awesome denim flower and I cut some banners to use up some scraps!

Always feels good to add a page into my Peru Trip albums. Whoohoo!

Happy Hump Day!

Lexi is blogging tomorrow. Wait until you see the card she drew!


  1. It was great to hear more about your Peru trip. Love how you brought out the blue in the photos with all the blue embellishments.

  2. The blue of those stones is amazing.

  3. Nice layout and interesting pictures!

  4. It's real 3D looking...amazing rock!!!! Love your denim flower...fits in perfectly:):):):) yay! Nice to have a lexi treat coming up!!!!

  5. Lovely to see more of your Peru trip, Mitra! The blue just pops off the page.

  6. How lovely.. I love the blue and the denim flower is divine.. your album is gunna look spectacular when it is done!

  7. I like how you have concentrated on two colours here its worked beautifully with your photos, love those pics Mitra... Have a lovely Easter break.

  8. These colours really pop and go with Peru so well.


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