Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peru Day 3 page for Sketchbook365

I love perusing scrappers blog posts because sometimes I hear about challenges that way.

This one is no different and I loved it because well, it looked like a house AND had four spots I could possibly put photos.

Thanks for a great post Sian and hooking me up with this sketch from over at Sketchbook365 that is based on a layout made by...well Sian!  This doesn't close until mid next month, so plenty of time to have a go of it!

Here is the journaling so you don't have to squint. It is not ALL the journaling from that day, but takes me up to my next page that I want to show you tomorrow. Attempting to start working in order now to fill in the gaps in my scrapbooks from that trip. 

Sunday September 23rd:
After a great night’s rest, I woke up and took an early morning tour around Sol y Luna and looked at their gardens. Amazing flowers and sweet colorful buildings! I was wishing we had another night there! After a delicious breakfast of typical Peruvian things to eat, we were off to visit the town Ollantaytambo and the Incan ruins. Where our bus parked, there was a small market and Dad bought us all walking sticks and a water bottle holder. The walking sticks were pretty snazzy, but at the time I recall thinking he was nuts. I was sure I did not need one of those silly things. I was so wrong! Then we got to the base of our hike up to see the ruins…and I was ever so happy for one!
We saw several really cool things when we got to the top. The first was a rock that had been left in place by an Inca builder and showed specifically how the large stones were moved into place. The theory is that this site was both a temple and a fortress, but work stopped in the middle of building it. The temple part was also amazing. The carved rock and sheer smooth rock face truly seemed like a place of worship. 

Making this page coincided with cleaning the scrap area and I found these great chippys from a kit I had. So, I used a bunch of scraps and some dimensional modge podge and got them all set up like little paper gems. 

Here is a shot of the second side. I now have a hankering for more chippies like this and to alter them. They got so pretty shiny and blingy! 

Hop on over and have a play if you want. I think it's a great sketch. Of course Sian's post of what she scrapped is also very interesting. I like to have all the details when I'm eye ballin' a page myself. I must have scrapper stalker tendencies.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Gorgeous!! LOVING all the colors, the hexagons and the photos!!

  2. Love what you did with those hexagons!
    Alison xx

  3. Hi Mitra, I love what you have done with this! I'm very taken with the room you made for the journaling at the top..love that and I can definitely see another page in my future - using this plan if I may! Thanks for giving this sketch a spin and making it totally your own.

  4. I love what you have done with those hexagons and grrrreat take on that sketch!!

  5. I am in loveliest love with this page. That bed!!!!! Love it. Those hex's...adore them....great use of the sketch, & such a great multi photo one, too...hmmnnnn!!!! Next month it open til......might get it done between visitors. The Family...mum, dad, 3 kids under 12.... My step grandies arrive on Monday. Gotta get up in the attic & dislodge the vermin do they've somewhere to sleep.....sigh...I sooooo hate housework. They wouldn't object to a few mice, cockroaches & spiders really ....would they? What say your kids to that scenario? Don't mice make good pets...& I've heard that said about cockroaches, too.....aaaah....putting off the evil moment ...byeeee:):):)

  6. That is a fabulous sketch for all your photos.. I love the details in the hexagons.. brilliant journalling too...

  7. Seriously...LOVE them hexagons!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrific job on your LO Mitra :)

  8. The hexagons look great. Love the sketch and your take on it!

  9. Fabulous take on the sketch, the breakfast looks divine in your picture as do the hexagons.. Fantastic page!!!


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