Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Followers, Bloggers, and Scrappers, OH MY!

So, a few years ago I had aspirations of becoming a famous scrapbooker. To me, that meant you had stuff in a magazine. How one accomplished this, I had no clue. Recently I discovered blogging and the on-line community. Which by the way, appears to be one path to publication and becoming KNOWN. I was all over it like white on rice.

You start by blogging your creation, participate in as many challenges as possible, promote your work on every available social media site, and with luck, you are picked to be on a Design Team. 

Now, not every Design Team is created equal. Some promote your work, others send you free stuff and you promote them, and yet others have some high handed freak boss barking out orders electronically from some corner of the blog-o-sphere. Personally I tend to stick to drama free zones with less rules, but that is just how I roll. 

Somewhere in there is where you work on getting hoards of followers and send your work to the far reaches of the Galaxy. 

Once I figured all this out, it seemed like a boatload of work. I mean, I'm all for being famous, but one has to have time to actually CREATE and to me, that is funner than e-mail and way more funner than someone giving me orders. I also enjoy watching other peeps get published and all that jazz. Vicarious Scrap Rock-stardom if you will. And then there are the cool friendships you make and the community you feel a part of. 

Fast forward to now.

The infamous Liebster is making it's way around blogland again. I personally like this little award mostly. I have gotten it before and just recently got it again twice. I think it's mission of introducing peeps to blogs they may not have run into before is Rock Star Quality. Of course, I see that as a daily mission on my blog. If someone inspires you, link to them and tell them they rock. Just passing a little bit of Karma along you know. 

What I don't care for is that it focuses on peeps with less than 200 followers. If that follow button thingie with people's faces went away tomorrow, I'd be happy. I think it's nuts! What would you say if I told you that I have kept writing my blog for a friend of mine who told me she reads my blog daily and it's a small bit of sunshine in her life that is filled with taking care of a VERY sick hubby. Honestly, I don't give a rats ass about how many followers one has. I do care about the sunshine. 

Ok, getting off soap box since I have an award to hand out...

The last time I got one of these I handed it over to Jean in my Lobster with Butter Post. She is a good egg so hop over there if you want and check her out. She doesn't post oober amounts but hangs out in blog land as inspiration and time permits. 

I got the award this time from Lizzy Hill who exemplifies all that is good in blog land. She is CONSTANTLY linking back to peeps who have sent her coolness in the mail and peeps who have inspired her.

I also got this award from Fi who I started following ages and ages ago because she used black as her background on a page. It made my eye balls fall out, seriously. Plus I thought she might be able to slay dragons being that brave and all. I have SINCE used black as a background many times, but when I was poking at her page on my ipad ages ago, I was IMPRESSED. Still am!

I am awarding it to a blogger I started to follow for her lovely shabby cards and ribbon roses. She has since graduated to lovely items you might wear. I am stalking I mean following her with the hopes these items may make it into an etsy store which means into my waiting hands...Thank you Handgathered for making me lick my laptop screen one too many times with your fabulous amazing little pieces of art! 

And to top it off I am not just handing out a little bling you post on your blog. I am sending Lizzy HillFi, and Handgathered something sweet! Take a gander at these lovely little handmade cuppy cakes. 

My friend Lisa who blogs over at You Made Me Ink made them for a special occasion. She is trying to raise money for Cupcake Camp KC. Decided I'd donate and also advertise for her here. AND send a couple to some sweet fellow bloggers! Lisa has five trillion followers but I will not hold that against her. ;-) She is a good blogger to stalk, super amounts of inspiration there!

And last but not LEAST, Happy Hump Day!

oh and Fi and Handgathered, can you e-mail me your addy, thanks!


  1. Awww this is sooo sweet of you, Mitra [ yeah, a sad pun...but it had to be said!!!].....& a VERY good cause, since our little step great grandie has leukaemia [she's 3] added resonance there. And stop laughing cos I'm a GREAT grandma, too.....step! step! No, not you...ME:):)!!!!!! And I like the Leibsters for just that reason, my Cameo...driving me CRAZY & almost broke it before it even got outta the box...but I WILL conquer it!!!!!!!!

  2. HI.. Since finding your blog quite some time ago I admit I come here cos I love reading your journalling and if there is no scrap booking that does not worry me.. Your story's often make me smile and for that I thank you.. It is nice to get some mention among your bloggy friends and I have received this award a few times now in my short blogging history.. and I am just so humbled by the kind words and of course when I see others get the award and they refer to other blogs they enjoy then it opens up more amazing blog friends to find too.. so enjoy your mention.. and don't worry about the number of 'followers' the true value of my blog are in the ones who take the time to leave a little love when they come by...I have come across blogs with ten times the number of followers and only a handful of comments... why is that?? and then I have girls who have 1000's on their blog and are of the 'famous' variety and they take the time to say hi and leave some encouragement.. and man I tell you that really floats my boat!! Congrats on your blog, and for bringing enjoyment to others!!

  3. Those cupcakes are just too sweet! :)

  4. Mitra, I can't tell you how thankful I am to you for your very generous donation to Cupcake Camp KC and I do hope the lovely recipients of your "Lobster" love will enjoy the key chains. :) You always do the best job of spreading awareness and inspiration on your blog...the true meaning of what a blog should be and your work is always tops to me. In my mind, you're already a famous scrapbook and refurbishing ROCK STAR!!
    Thanks also for the link you it heaps already.
    Lisa x

  5. Mitra, I visit your blog because I love what you write. You have put a smile on my face many a time with your hilarious take on life. I have been the recipient of this award twice and touched by the thoughtfulness of the givers. The button thingie is just that...a button! It is not a measure of our worth. Keep spreading the sunshine. You are a natural!
    Hugs from India :)

  6. I have to tell you that I just love visiting your little corner of the blogosphere. Your writing always inspires me and your pages are total eye candy. Really Mitra, You are one of the most truly awesome people I know.

  7. Mitra, you rock. I can't thank you enough for this award. Me and my little blog (29 followers) just tumble along humbly in cyberspace, occasionally sharing what I make. Mostly it's like talking to myself, but that's okay because I'm a bit shy. So along comes YOU with this token of acknowledgement, and I am ever so grateful. Merci for the shout-out.

  8. Congrats on your award Mitra! I've been enjoying my visits here very much - you can raise a smile and there is always something lovely to look at. Blog on!

  9. Congrats on another Leibster! You are right in that getting known 'out there' is a boatload of work but it is so worth it in my opinion, but then what I have learnt is that everyone blogs for different reasons and mine have certainly changed over the years. Now my blog is very focused on my DT work only. Sometimes I wish I could say more about other stuff or how I really feel about things but you can't have it all & I still have a lot of very cool acquaintances & friends I've gathered along the way!

  10. Excellent post!! I love how you have written it and it made me also smile. Congrats on your award and you rock!!

  11. I don't generally do much reading when I visit blogs, I'm a visual creature and too often people's stories make me feel a bit voyeuristic, not so here though! I really enjoy your stories (and your pics) and will be keeping an eye out on bloglovin' from now on.
    Thanks so much for leaving me some blog love so I could come and find you!

  12. Thank you for saying what many of us can't or wont put into words Mitra. I love visiting your blog and always end up laughing my many troubles away. Your emails with words of comfort and support have also helped me cope with what has been a traumatic period in my life, your quirky blog is a haven I can escape to. I know my blogging has become spasmodic because of my health and family restraints and I had to drop out of the many challenges going on in blogland. I do like having others views and comments on my work as the effort to produce it sometimes tips me over the edge into painland, and you all make it worth the pain.
    Be assured Mitra, every time I visit you I am restored and inspired in a good way. Keep on blogging your way and a BIG THANK YOU from me!!

  13. OH my you seriously cracked me up, made your eye balls fall out thank goodness it wasn't because my work was so bad it had given you a brain bleed first... I just loved the way you wrote this post it put a smile on my face. Although its a fun little award to post around I agree follow me or don't follow me either doesn't bother me that is why I refuse to give away product just to get someone to push the button. If you follow me its because you find mine pages inspiring and certainly not because I tell the story well. I definitely need some lesson in that department, but I enjoy reading the little stories that you always write, I may not get here everyday but when I come back I try and go back and read out on what I missed. And Jeanie above is one of the other wonderful down to earth cyber friends I have come across as well. And just so you don't think I come here for the stories alone not only are your pages full of life but your off the page projects are just gorgeous.


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