Thursday, March 21, 2013

Snow Angels Page for Forrest

The first day of Spring was yesterday. Here in the North County we like to hold on to our snow just a wee bit more. Whhhoohhoo. Daffodils are for WUSSIES!

Actually I am trying to be happy about it. I keep telling myself SNOW IS LIKE GLITTER. PRETTY GLITTER. YOU LOVE IT. 

Not working. Looking forward to pumping gas without gloves and my hood up. And...shhh, I really want some daffodils!

I will honestly tell you for SURE that THIS HERE is my last page about snow until next winter. No really. I am being for REALS here. 

Silly Forrest Dog is getting itchy for some grass too. He never rolls in the snow which is why THE MAN caught him on camera in the act. It was a rare occurrence.

When I showed him the page, Forrest was a bit indignant, but he said it would make that Wally dog over in Australia jealous since he cannot roll in the snow, only sand. Lizzy Hill, can you show Wally this post? He would hate for him to miss it. 

So, about my background. I accidentally printed this photo huge on regular old printer paper. Thought it was too good to waste so covered it with a bit of vellum and a lot of glitter and a bit of clear spray to hold it...which in turned crinkled things, but also made me happy. 

Might be able to see here a bit. Can also see silly dog and all the bling I used on the side in a fit of kit busting.

Anyhow, one more day to the weekend. That always cheers one up, even if it involves more shoveling! 


  1. Well I have never felt snow on my skin, the closest I have been to snow is when I leaned forward to look at your photo closer!hehe! I like how your big photo looks like you are looking out a window.. so it totally works for me.. your poor doggie, snow definitely is NOT grass.. so I guess he is looking forward to feeling that grass as he pulls himself/herself along on it's belly in the grass like ours do... fabulous the side banner!! Happy apring! as we head into autumn and reach for an extra blankey at night!!!

  2. Snow is like that! We have some 'glitter' headed our way this week as well. My only hope is it doesn't freeze the mushroom crop.
    Awesome finale for the winter showcase Mitra. I'll miss them, but warmer LO's will do me good!

  3. Showed Wally. He turned his nose up & mooched into his hot spot on the cement where he bakes 'til he pants from too much heat. At which point he collapses under the shade of the leafy green tree on the emerald green grass. Is that what you wanted to hear?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I L'd OL at your snow comments....poor pooch.....Wally did yawningly suggest y'all migrate to Oz & he'd show him a 'hot time'....not sure what he meant by that...MEANWHILE, love the Vellum...seriously - how COOL does that look[sorry] a good way......

  4. Loving the sparkly snow, esp on this side of the world where snow never gets to point that it needs shovelling, it is a novelty on the odd occassion it happens. You can keep doing snow Lo's as long as we keep the nice warm weather here, but all will turn soon enough I guess...

    And I hope your doggy enjoyed doing his snow dog angels - looks like fun xxx

  5. Well Mitra I would be happy to have even just 1 snow picture, I've not even seen snow except from a distance and that was just a snow cap left on the top of a mountain in NZ when we were on a cruise ship passing through Milford Sound. But I'm sure after all that cold you must be looking forward to some warmer weather.


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