Monday, March 25, 2013

Metal Magic Page for Life.Paper.Scrapbook.

A bit ago I blogged about my jeep and a minor fender bender where I got hit during a blinding snow storm.

Now, THE MAN has wanted to customize my jeep for ages and ages. We just could not fathom spending $1500 on parts that were already perfect!

So, after we got our estimate for repairs and he realized we might be able to DIY the repair and get TWO NEW BUMPERS, he was all over it like white on rice.

So, before you knew it, the UPS dude was pulling up with boxes of parts. He and I spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out how to get the rear bumper off his truck since it was under the entire load of boxes for the day. I hate to admit he stood on a lot of boxes while he was figuring it out. I don't think marking things fragile really helps since his feet can't read....

Anyhow, several nights later I had the new title of Chief Assistant Wrench Girl. Mostly I just held things in place, refilled wine glasses, and retrieved parts.

They went together fairly easily and now I'm the proud owner of new custom bumpers.

So, this is the second big project I've been working on lately.

I started this page with pink and THE MAN wandered past and was outraged.

He was like, it's like all girly and all that....and wrinkled his nose. And THE JEEP is dirty!

Since he comments like NEVER, I decided to pull the photos off and make it more manly. Could not do much about the poor Jeep being dirty. If it ever stops snowing and all that jazz, we can actually wash a vehicle and keep it clean. Will have to take glamour shots of it later when and if Spring ever arrives....

Good thing Lizzy Hill told me about this new challenge up over at Life.Paper.Scrapbook. Very manly colors.

I won't link this up, since I added a color of my! The Jeep is a very very very dark green you can only see in some lights, but I know it's there. Well, I'll link it up, but just saying girls, don't add me in the mix. Consider this just a shout out sayin' thanks for a cool color challenge!

Here is a sideways view so you can see the layers and dimension. 

And to keep it real, in my haste, I used the wrong abbreviation for SYR (or Syracuse NY) where the accident occurred. So, I made it stand out with an extra piece of paper and different color of marker. I actually like it a lot better. 

And one last photo of flowers. I thought I'd never use up that weird gray black one. Like it better with some microbeads, gold smudges, and white. Loving those two stick pins...and the burlap tag!

Linking it up over at Scrap For Help and their use burlap challenge. There are a few little recycled items on here too as that is also one of their requirements. The gold eyelash ribbon came off a pretty gift I received and under the flower, there is a used gift tag with raffia! 

Have a great rest of your Monday! 


  1. lovely page! I think the way you used the colors is awesome :) Thanks for playing along at LPS! xxx

  2. Yeah, I'd enter've got all the colours there & I'm glad you listened to The Man....MUCH better than pink!!!! You can't emasculate or whatever that word is, such a MASCULINE vehicle with pink!!!! Well, you can.... & I'm with you on the town name tag ( not trying to spell THAT!!!)'s got a Finnabair flavour to it, your page. I really like it. A winner in my books!!!!!!

  3. Oh wow. I love the mix of masculine colours + girly elements. :)

  4. Cooooool! Love the masculine version & admire you Wench Girl!! Firstly my hubby would have NO IDEA where to begin on that so admire Wench man too!!!

  5. PINK!!! LOL..I'm with THE MAN on that one...but I can't wait for the glamour shots in spring. Washing a car sounds so nifty. Have to open the doors of mine to remember what color it actually is! So filthy...Funny thing, I actually put your winter tag away with the Christmas stuff and yet the white stuff keeps falling. THANK YOU!!! but seriously, it can stop now.
    Love this page and thanks so much for sharing your new pimped out ride!

  6. You should enter your page for the march challenge (use burlap on a LO) at Scrap for Help!

  7. Both of these layouts are great Mitra, but I do like the spin on the girly one super cute. Love all the texture you've created on the 2nd one with the flowers, hessian and fabric alphas.

  8. Your page is awesome as always, but what I really love about this post is how you shared photos of the stages that led to the final page! Of course, your use of amazing materials is fabulous too!

  9. HILARIOUS story about your husband finding the first draft of the LO "too girly!" Anyway, I love how the page turned out, esp. all the metallics in unexpected places, like the feathers and eyelash yarn. Thanks for playing at S4H!

  10. beautiful page,thanks for playing along with us at LPS !!!

  11. While we hate to admit it, SOMETIMES husbands know best - the finished product is absolutely stunning! What an awesome blend of grungy, girly goodness!


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