Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cutting, Prepping, & Sanding the Junkin Sewing Table

Just popping in with a quick update to my Junkin Sewing Table...we are making progress!

Ye Old Slab of Granite is back unscathed from the place that was cutting it. And, we managed to cut a nice square hole in our table. PHEW!

Now we have to marry the two...which involves a LOT of measuring.....

Then, more sanding & paint!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. That should be a hoot! When you're done with that, come on over. Hubster and I broke down 3 pallets over the weekend and I've got lots of wood to make signs!! :)

  2. Looking GOOOOD! We just went looking for outside balcony food eating tables high enough to pop stools under.....Tom decided he could make one.YES!!!! Sooooo...I'm hoping this stuff will be happening at ours soon!!!

  3. Awesome undertaking! Can't wait to see this finished!! I love OTP projects so much now. I have done quite a few things in my home but don't blog about them. Just no time for it, but check out my FB wall for my new mist shelf & crates. Didn't make them myself but designed them & got them made :)!


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