Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Formal Dinner: Second to Last Cruise Page ;-)

I keep promising myself that I have done my LAST PAGE from our cruise...but it seems that I keep finding more photos I want to use!

Well, in this case I remembered I had the itinerary from Christmas & these great photos of Lexi and Luke at dinner....and I really love that dress photo so I pulled Lizzy Hill and cut her out!

Was down to a lot of scraps in a paper pack I was using up so on they went!

Added some gold paint to my hot pink letters for some mixed media..

I highlighted a few of the things we did that day on the ship's itinerary....one of them being the Hairy Chest contest that I blogged about before!

Fun times!

Hope your Tuesday was most excellent!


  1. Absolutely LOVE the dress. They both look so grown up. Pretty layout, with all the little scraps, also like the idea of adding paint to the letters..

  2. The kids look so grown-up here. Love how you used scraps of paper on your background. :)

    P/s: I'm 18 months behind in my travel scrapbooking...So keep scrapbooking those moments you love!

  3. Those strips of pp look brill & you have done an AWESOME job cutting up your girl...she looks soooooooo pretty....her hair is GORGEOUS & that dress is to die for. You may tell her that, too;) This is a fabulous page. Of COURSE you had to scrap those photos!!!!

  4. This page looks great.. full of memories and love the uncluttered feel to it.. and your DD looks so pretty too!

  5. Fantastic page! I love how you used the itinerary as the background for the cut out photo!


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