Monday, February 23, 2015

Ribbon Rose Easter Egg

Now that Valentine's Day has been officially put away at my house, I'm on the hunt (pun intended) for all things Easter-ish. Actually to be honest, I am stick to death of snow, as pretty as it is and I'm ready for flowers!

Can you tell?

Wait, let me show you from the top so you can get the fully loaded effect!

I am not entirely sure what kind of egg this is...large that is what. It was predecorated, cut & with with hinges and a find several weeks back from the second hand store. I did photograph it in it's plain jane glory before messing with it. The checkboard was from the same trip & the seam binding is for scale.

It was a bit grungy and the pink velvet stained up from the glue they used. (who cuts an egg in half? totally cool idea)

Of course an application of gesso on the outside and some mists on the inside fixed everything....

I was really thrilled how it all turned out...

Looks a treat with a few other Easter things I pulled this weekend....

And what is that you spy in a tank? Meet Mad Eye Moody. More on him later this week!

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow wow wow!! What a transformation!! This is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  2. Such cute, very WOW and what a great array of all things Eastery....'cept maybe that lantern and glitter tree... ;)
    Hello Mr. Moody!!
    Your egg transformation turned out amazing!!


  4. The glitter round the edge of the nest!!! Ooooh Aaaaah:):):) it's really lovely - can see why you were tickled pink!!! Easter though..... Man! That's scary!!!! A Harry Potter fan in ur house I presume??? Interesting...?????!!!!!!

  5. Oh wow a re-constructed egg.. I sure do love your version of the egg much better.. it is so pretty now.. and I am sure it will really be a feature in your Easter presentation..

  6. Oooh la la, I love it. Such a gorgeous egg, now. Love your Eastery display too, maybe it will bring SPRING!!!!

  7. I love this thing you all do of decorating for the seasons there. We just don't do that. Valentines is popular but just for couples, not kids, and we do get Easter eggs for kids and celebrate it but no Spring mantles & the like. I guess due to our boring weather where the seasons are never too dramatically different! I sure would love a weekly trip to the 2nd hand store too - seeing your hauls is always a highlight of my visits!! Great egg job :)


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