Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Happens on a Cruise Stays on the Cruise unless you blog...

Yesterday I posted this page and insinuated there was a story to accompany it....

There sure is....

When the peeps on our cruise ship announced a hairy chest contest, I never in a million years thought THE MAN would volunteer.

The kids musta made him do it. I was off grabbing one of those umbrella drinks at the time and when I got back there he was up on stage with a bunch of other dudes.

Then they started picking female judges.

I qualified for the 40 year old category.

So on one side of me was a young 20-30 year old, me in the middle, and a 50 year old on the end.

The older woman and I were having a grand ole time and had a good cackle when they told us what we had to do.

She had to judge their strip tease dance, I had to feel their chests for hair, and the last lady had to spank their booties.

Young chicky fake smacked booties. What a chicken! ;-)

Yes, it was meant to totally humiliate everyone on stage all in good fun. The little people (of which there were many) were laughing at all of us. My little people were taking photos, bless them.

They were even more excited when the losers got water dumped on them.

THE MAN only made it through round one sadly as we could only pick three guys to go to the next level and there were two strip tease artists & one old due that we couldn't bare to cut.

In all honestly, I would have asked them to keep my husband, but I figured that the next round would be worse....

Round two involved dressing up the winners as women using clothing from the audience....it's not nice to see a dude in a bikini with a hairy chest....


  1. OH my GOSH! I'm literally rolling on the floor cackling. Oh! How I WISH you'd taken a video!! Any chance of a boring winter's night reproduction of said cruise contest for us bloggers to chuckle at? Even THAT is making me grin!!! Thanks for sharing:):)

  2. OMYGOSH!! That is hilarious!!!! What a good sport!!!!!!

  3. hahaha sounds like and interesting crusie ! and a lot of fun, the mind boggles. A fun, vibrant layout and I love the title of the blog post :)

  4. This is hilarious! I can see you doing the whole bit, BUT can't quite see Nate up there. Makes it even funnier.


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