Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Design Team Planner for THE CUTTING CAFE & Pressie for Miss Lizzy Hill

This planner was a simple three ring binder until it was covered in cardboard & a treatment of spray paints, alcohol inks, and washi. What better to decorate a design team planner with!

I even decorated the spine of the book! Love those drips!

This is what I started with before I got all crazy with the paints and doilies! 

The flowers even got some drips of paint! Love the shimmer on this binder. So pretty!

I added some gold, silver, and copper washi tape! Those hints of metallics are super cool!

And now for the inside! That really cool flower was already there so I worked around that graphic with the color scheme for the rest of the binder. 

It's full of organizing pages for a Scrapbooker who has design team commitments and likes to play along with challenges!
Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE came up with a ton of great pages to fill a binder to organise the busiest of designers! Check out all the pages here. From a calendar to a page for addresses, it will help get you all straight!

I hope my friend Lizzy Hill likes it. She is on the Kraft + Design team so I thought she'd appreciate the color of these pages. ;-) 

And that I even decorated the back!

Happy Hump Day peeps!


  1. What a gorgeous organizer! Love the paint drips too!

  2. Oh. My. GOSH!!! It's just what I need.... So stinking THRILLED you have no idea!!! I love it. Sight unseen... Well - apart from here...... Stalking has officially started;)!!!

  3. That looks amazing! Wonderful decorating of the cover! I reckon lizzy will love it!

  4. OMYGOSH!! This is the best gift ever!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!! you are so awesome to make this for Lizzy!! She totally deserves it!!!!!

  5. Wowie!!!! What an awesome gift! Love all the detsils on this planner!

  6. WOWZER!!! This is totally amazing. Your friend is going to be blown away with the gorgeousness of this planner! Lucky girl.


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