Monday, June 8, 2015

Spray Painted Lines in the Dirt

THE MAN and I argue rarely and generally only when someone is either hungry or tired. So, the disagreements are usually pretty lame. This time Miss Artistic argued with Mr. Practical about how we are laying out the sidewalk. I wanted an artistic Better Homes and Garden curve and THE MAN wanted straight lines.

At one point someone may have mumbled under their breath about spending too much time on Pinterest and not basing Pratt Inc. projects in reality and on a budget.

Good thing my curved sidewalk takes up less yard space and less concrete. You can kinda see it lightly painted in. I used purple to differenciate between the white marking paint.

We are now into the Sick of this Project phase. It's had a lot of different parts going on at the same time. We had to get the Corning Natural Gas guys up to run a new gas line. We also pulled the electric down from the poles on the side hill and ran it underground. When I'm using the term "we" I really mean THE MAN who has done all the tractor work and also rough landscaping. He is always the brains behind the operation although I did find this ancient cement mixer for the project sans motor for $40.

THE MAN added a small engine he had in his stash & made sure it turns slow enough for concrete. This means at the moment we are planning on doing our own pour. Although we are also considering getting a couple of quotes. Having only ever hired a couple things done ever, it's somewhat terrifying to me. 

The weekend the electric came down so we could run it underground had a moment of excitement too.  THE MAN was pulling the wires back so he could show me how to put tension on the pole so we could cut it down carefully with the chainsaw when it started to fall on it's own. It was THAT rotten. We are thanking our lucky stars it fell in the perfect spot so nothing was damaged including the DIYers!

Since there is only one tractor, I have been messing around with a new garden with pavers. I had marked it all out with purple spray paint and did all the dirt moving myself. It will wrap around after we get the new sidewalk in. The previous owner had wished for a garden there so I was thining of her as I built it.

I'm in no hurry to fill it or chip it. The cheap plant time of year is coming, I just have to wait a few months! I was all kinds of excited to see my cheap bought in fall climbing roses bloom so I'm cool with some scratch and dent plants. It's like Christmas in spring. 

They are super pretty! Really velvety!

Well, wish us luck! We're getting there!

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad you got the curved pathway. Just as well it took less yardage. Good arguement!!! And PHEW! That is NOT a good thing to have electric wires afalling from the sky. At least that won't be a concern anymore. You really are moving and shaking atm.....I guess you gotta make the most of un-snowy, icey conditions, eh? You have such a beautiful setting that photo of your new garden with the trees and wood fence on the side. Good luck with the pour - whichever way you go re concrete:):)

  2. Wow ... everything is coming together!! And thank goodness the wires missed you and the house!!! Yikes!!!!

  3. That post was so crazy inspiring. I should send you pictures of our moat out back. We bought a house with a small yard on purpose as I'm sick of push mowing 2 acres but we have water run off and it's been a year we've been dealing with it. I think we've finally decided on a plan and along with that, I too am spray painting the yard for wrap around gardens. I LOVE that you are thrifty like that and wait until the good deals come along. Your house is absolutely beautiful. I loved your old house, but this one really has some groovy character. You two are truly inspiring DIY' should have a public access show mixed with wine tasting...


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