Thursday, June 25, 2015

Memories of Grandma Pratt Layout or Pea Pickin' Cake Recipe

Years ago, the ladies who were invited to my wedding shower were asked to bring their favorite recipe. All the recipe cards were carefully gathered up and placed in a keepsake box. I realised at that moment that being married may also involve cooking and I felt a moment of panic.

I have outgrown that fear, thankfully. The other day we were having a Crafternoon over at my house and I decided we needed a nice summer cake. Dug through that box and found a Grandma Pratt original:  Pea Pickin Cake. It was in her handwriting and as she has since long passed, it made me smile to remember her.

For this blog post, I actually bothered to google the name to see if was a Pratt thing or just something from that generation and discovered low and behold, it's a recipe from that time frame. Kinda like those jello salads you might find still at church suppers or three bean salad.

That cool purple doily, some washi tape, super huge Maya Road bloom, and those vintage leaves really do the hard work of making this page pretty! Of course, the recipe is the star of the show! I just scanned and printed on photopaper.

It's really a mostly flat page for once! Not even a lot of splatters or smudged on paint. Just some really yummy colors!

Happy Thursday! We are slowly creeping towards the weekend...seems like it's taking forever to get here!


  1. Love it! New fave:) I think it's the soft colours... Those purple doilies & the recipe! Looks yummy!!! And for us - the weekend is here!!!!

  2. It's gorgeous & the very heart & essence of what scrapbooking really should be! LOVE the original recipe attached. The most PRACTICAL way of recording & preserving those types of memories!! My pages are all going way flatter too...interesting...


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