Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Memorial Day: Rochester Air Show Layout

Ohhhhh what a fun day! I really wanted a red, white and blue theme due to spending the Memorial Day weekend holiday at the Rochester Air Show. Had to add some pretty doilies and music paper!

I was most excited about my red, white and blue candy stick that I found & added as a base to my photo collage! Made that in Picasa, thank you very much! I added a bit of glitter to the stick which matched my glitter tape. I had spotted some cool straws on a page that Helen at Scrap Addict made so a shout out to her for inspiring me!

I found a Blue Angel badge image on-line so I printed that and used a white heart doily cut in half with some crinkle ribbon on the corner of my page! Love that splash of yellow! I also tied two little glass heart beads to the ends...kinda hard to see here, but they are super cool. Those Blue Angels were really the stars of the show! Amazing to see. 

As you can see in this side view, the page is pretty flat. I printed on my title when I made the large background sky print using a large format printer. Fun times though, it's always nice to add a page that won't bulk up my book too much for once!

Happy Friday! May your weekend be amazing!


  1. Love the whole big page..the straw is great & Picassa is brill for collages I reckon! You did the blue red white theme really well!!!!!

  2. Ooooh thanks for the shout out & your straws are super fancy shmancy!! LOVE this page!!!


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