Monday, June 15, 2015

Yea! Grad Layout

The school year is wrapping up nicely and summer vacation will be upon us before we know it!. So it's time for me to get some pages out of the way! Lexi graduated from her Young Entrepreneurs Academy class a bit back and I needed to make a page about her graduation, trade show, and also use her business card!

The colors she choose to use were purple, gold and black so I went with those same colors on my page. She had made her own background paper and I used a sheet of it on my page! Love that black and white striped heart that I glued on her business card. So pretty! She designed her own logo and that is what was used for her business card. Cihparg Design was the company she launched (The first word is Graphic spelled backwards). Her business plan was to provide graphics, blog designs, headers, etc to people who didn't have time or the talent to make them.

The black doilies make me happy as does that gold heart that was on the paper I used and I fussy cut it a bit so it would pop up. Just a few flowers to bling out the page! Luke is with her in the photo because he was her assistant at the trade show. It was awesome to see them working together.

Hope your Monday is awesome!


  1. This is awesome! LOVING the photos and the title work!!! LOVING how you added on the business card too!!!

  2. Really has been great to watch Lexi from a distance [FB!!] & how she's done in this class....really, really happy for you and her & that school is almost over and that you can 'create' about it sooooo fabulously:):)

  3. COngrats to Lexi. She looks brimming with confidence & what a great page to document her achievements!!


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