Saturday, June 20, 2015

U R Sew Sweet Cupcake Shaker Card for Grandma Skip and THE CUTTING CAFE

My little Grandma Skip got kicked outta her nursing home for multiple escape attempts and for hitting her roommate. Naughty Grandma!  I imagine I'll be equally as bad when I'm older! 

Anyhow, she is settled back into a new nursing home where it's more locked down and she has her own room. I thought it was high time for another box of chocolates and a cool card!

My U R Sew Sweet Sentiment is also a bit tongue in cheek. I figure she's giving the nurses a run for their money! Maybe I should be sending them the chocolate...

Anyhow, my favorite part on this card is the cupcake! I used a real metal cupcake wrapper for the base and lots of glitter for my frosting! Regina has a super cool cutting file over at THE CUTTING CAFE called 13 Shaker Cards Templates and Cutting Files.

You might have noticed there is a bit of a sewing theme on here! I've got a project in the works that involves vintage hankies and a throw. I can't wait to show you photos!

Hope your Saturday is amazing! 


  1. Oh I hope your grandma is happy in her new place.. I hope that pretty card cheers her up!

  2. Go Grandma! Hope the new place suits her style :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I wonder if she got kicked out of school when she was younger? Is this a continuation of a Life Theme...or is she rebelling in Old Age??? Sounds like she's in a much better place now, anyways....I hope she settles down. Otherwise, yup, might be the staff who deserve the chocolates! Love that cupcake & the scissors caught my eye, too....hmmmnnn...sounds an interesting new project on the go!!!

  4. i seriously don't know how you come up with such amazing stuff FROM A SHAKER......goodness

  5. You are always amazing at creating stuff!!

  6. Your little Grandma sounds like she is a feisty soul, good on her , although she sounds like she has been a bit naughty .I LOVE the card you made her, its gorgeous

  7. OMG....and now you're going to send her scissors???? LOL....she sounds AWESOME! I'm glad to hear she's settled in with her own room. My great aunt is not liking her new digs all too well either. Luckily they've caught her twice in the parking lot before she hit the highway. Your shaker cupcake card is incredible. The legit wrapper is the perfect touch.


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