Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Little Fall on a Sunday

As far as I can tell, camping season is over. I always tell myself that once school has started and it gets a little colder that we still have good weekends left....but then things speed up and a month later we end up winterizing the camper and saying good bye to campfires and scrapbooking on a picnic table. 

This summer wasn't conventional by a long shot anyhow.  It seemed like we had even less summer than normal! The oldest had a job at the Corning Museum of Glass. She drove herself to work, bought (or packed) her own lunch/dinner, got herself home, stopped at the library and basically was Mistress of her Own Destiny. The boy spent as many days as he could up on the Hill getting as many glider flights under his belt as possible in order to earn up the ability to fly solo. When he wasn't there, he spent two weeks at STEM which is a Science & Tech school that he applied for. They are selective on how many kids they take, with the caveat that you must go for two weeks during summer break. I was proud as hell when he was accepted and also super pleased he didn't complain about having to lose some of his valuable summer.  

I personally never thought the kids would camp as much as they did with us this summer, but for the most part they were with us, even for a week in Cape Cod. This makes my heart happy and in fact today I made quite a pretty layout of some recent photos. So beautiful and happy, those kids of mine!

Of course all that traveling made crafting a bit hard. I was asked what I was doing today on this rather cool and sunny Sunday and my answer was healing my soul in my office with some paper. Nobody even questioned it as they were probably tired of watching me pull out a small bag of paper and work on a picnic table. As much fun as it is to work from a kit, it's also nice to have all your STUFF right at your finger tips. 

So far today has involved some spray paint, hot glue, a layout, and lots and lots of catching up. Throw in a couple of load of laundry between chillaxing because well, well we do need clean clothes...I did also managed to put away these cards I had made on my last camping trip. I used the very last bits up of a couple of kits I had been playing with all summer. They are FLAT too, so I can mail them easily...also used up some pretty fall stuff I had been hoarding! This is a good thing! 

And last but not least....I am giving away my candlesticks & a cutting file from a HOP last week....are you ready?

Diane YOU are the winner! I'll send you out the cutting file and the candlesticks just as soon as I get your email and home addy! Happy Winner Dance!

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