Monday, September 11, 2017

BEST DAY Layout from Cape Cod

We spent about a week recently camping in Cape Cod in the town of Bourne. Really loved the campground, which was super relaxing and nicely kept. THE MAN who was feeling a bit ill at the start of our trip having recently gotten over a summer cold declared that the kids would create the schedule. This was an epic idea.

Randomly wandering around on the first day we found some epic pizza rolls for lunch, a pretty little beach that was far from the maddening crowd, met some cool little crabs, and had a moon pie for dessert. We focused on having lunch out which is always the cheaper meal with dinner back at the camper & a campfire.

The background for this photo collage happened to be one I had made while we were in Cape Cod. In fact, I was so pleased how the roses in the paper corresponded to the rose from the beach. So pretty!

And because it's always nice to see a cool little crab, I'll leave you with a video!

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  1. LOVE this Mitra, the colours are beautiful and love the flower cluster. Has a almost PL feel to the layout. Fab documentation on what sounds like a lovely holiday.


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