Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wince Worthy Plastic Doilies & a Giveaway

Had a little stroll through ReStore the other day. Was pretty pumped about finding these really pretty yellow roses in a baggie, some little penguins that will be cute on a winter card, cool shimmer dove & heart confetti for shaker cards, and a little woodsy humming bird. Randomly, I was also excited about these really ugly plastic doiles, but let me tell you why...

These plastic doilies in the wild are really a monstrosity. Here they look all innocent, but I assure you that before I pulled all the foliage off they were quite hideous. I like them for two reasons. They work awesome for mixed media as they are really heavy duty. In fact, it's not my first time finding them. Back then I had a stack that I shared with friends and kept a couple of myself. Here's a layout from 2013 where I used plaster and then inked it up when it was dry.

I also used the plastic vintage looking foliage on Christmas cards.

Since I'm quite set on plastic doilies myself, I have three vintage plastic doilies up for grabs!!! I am keeping the foliage as that Christmas card season is sneaking up on us and it's kinda flat like, so good for posting.

First three peeps to message me will get their very own freshly washed Wince Worthy plastic doily, which is worth it's weigh in gold as a crafting supply!

Happy Happy!

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  1. Oh wow that is a cool idea!! LOVE it! I'm getting better at seeing what things could be, but I have a long way to go ... awesome!!


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