Thursday, September 28, 2017

CAPE COD 1st Day Layout

I'm really enjoying these little photo collages and making a nice wrap up page each day from our recent vacation. I'm actually almost done, which is a great feeling! We're entering the down hill slide into the holidays and it's time to get my 12 Tag on over at the Funkie Junkie! Before you know it, we will have snow here in NY!

Most of the pages I'm making have long strips for writing down journaling. This one has a huge popped title so I know it's the start of our Cape Cod trip. Can you see that I mounted a photo saying CAPE COD on a piece of corrugated cardboard?

I saw a cool magnet in a gift shop and wanted to use it as a title on a page so I just took a photo of it! The magnet itself was way too this worked well!

I'll be back soon with enother page!

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  1. So cool! What a great idea to take a pic of that magnet! I found a painted rock by my mailbox today.. it's the second one... they've made me smile, but I left them for someone else to find... although I do want to leave one for the little artist one of these days.. not easy to find a paintable rock around here though... but I will..


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