Friday, September 1, 2017

Throw Back Thursday on Friday

Goodness I came home dog tired! Meant to post this yesterday, but the boy had to get some volunteer hours so I had a ride along at work. Of course, it was a rainy day which is why he picked it. Can't fly too well up at Harris Hill in the rain. I ran him everywhere so he had a good flavor of what I do at work. He didn't like parts of it. ;-) Other parts (lunch) weren't so bad.

He asked me a couple of days ago to dig up this page for him. Luke is writing an essay to get into Flight School next year and wanted to see when he was up in a plane first. Turns out (this was a birthday page for Lexi) that it was pretty easy to tell he was five. Shout out to journaling!

While driving around to various house sites, he showed me this photo he got sent to him from the day before. You can tell he's loving it! Yes, he's flying the glider. At 14 no less.

I noticed on this page of mine that is around nine years old that I made this really cool chipboard title complete with a little compass in the o and with a chipboard heart with wings. This makes me miss all things's funny how things change and those aren't really in "style" at the moment.

Neither are those little ohhhh what did we call them that you had to punch carefully as they were metal...eyelets? They are super cute on here though. When did I stop using those? OR better yet, stop using those awesome jolees trees....This is also back in the day when I bought more things to use on a specific page vs. just hunting around to see what I had that I could upcycle.

Anyhow, I'll be back soon with another flying page. Trying to get my posts caught up from this week!

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  1. Oh my... what little cuties!! I keep trying to remind myself that times and "fads" change so I should really really stop buying stuff... yup... I should...


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