Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sun Shine & Good Times Layout from Cape Cod (Day 2)

Plugging away on making pages from our recent Cape Cod trip. I'm really finding that I'm enjoying the collages provided by Google Photo. I just figure out which photos I want and make a collage. That way I don't end up with five trillion pages from one week! It works to sumorize one day and unless I have a really special photo or two, helps to get the layouts all scrapped.

The backgrounds I actually made WHILE camping, so they all have a similar look. This is a good thing as they will all be hanging out together in my book...see, almost looks like I meant to make a double page spread!

I specifically bought some matching flowers so they layouts from this trip will all jive. I've been enjoying some new blooms! Funny what a little shopping does for one! Happy Shopping Dance!

I'll be back soon with Day One from our trip!

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  1. LOVE this and it really is a cool way to scrap... Google Collage? hmmm... might be a cool way to get a bunch of those phone pics printed too!! Love this idea and beautiful pages!


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