Monday, August 28, 2017

Little Trays and some Spray

It was some fine weather this weekend, which is why I'm showing you the side lawn in conjunction with these two pieces. Good mowing weather, good playing with plants weather, and very good weather for some spray paint, which is why I dragged out these two trays to alter.

The golf ball holder is being sent to a friend so she can play the Twelve Tags of Christmas over at the Funkie Junkie if she gets time. If she doesn't, I am sure she'll find something fun to do with it. The second brown one happened to work really well with that cool vintage chair top I found so I wanted to cut it down and get it attached.

My first task with both was to get them ready for paint. As you can see, the golf ball holder got the back removed. WHICH means (insert happy dance here) I can add a pretty piece of paper on the piece of wood and reattach. Since she only has to do 12 tags, she can use the rest of the open spots as a blank area to rest the eye. ;-) The tags get kinda busy if you are trying to fit everything in. On the brown one, the chair top was cut down carefully and attached with sheet rock screws that were countersunk.

After spraying and drying, I assessed both pieces for hardware. This to me is the BEST PART EVER. I was very sad when I figured out that the golf ball holder couldn't have a cool glass handle or feet due to the placement of the I had to add something else pretty. Pretty wood flower! Of course I had to add those scallopy metal gold pieces to the printer tray. They are hot glued in and were spray painted gold to match some of the gold shimmer

Not bad for a little bit of work on a Saturday and some quick spray painting! Now to find the perfect piece of background paper and get this piece mailed out!

Happy Monday!


  1. Flabbergasted. Me? I'm so not worthy. When you sent me the pics the other day I just assumed you were altering for your use. You are waaay to good to me and mine (I hope corey texted you to thank you. He promised he would). I'm getting verklempt. Lol. Honestly though. Speechless. I hope I can make you proud.

  2. So envious of your ability to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary!

  3. Amazing finds and great job on making them look fabulous!

    P/s: I'm so jealous...we can never get stuff like these here.


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