Sunday, August 6, 2017

Christmas in August for THE CUTTING CAFE

Goodness, I'd say this card was a stretch for me, but today I cleaned out a closet and organized a bunch of stuff, including moving one of the Christmas trees and some of my Christmas craft stuff. So, it was easy to put my hands on some of the bling I used on this card. Equally easy was finding a good cutting file from THE CUTTING CAFE to make a nice card.

I really wanted to play around with layers and holly. I went digging in the files for where I'd seen holly before. Found a cool little cutting file in the Christmas Shaker Cards. Regina made a little holly piece for the snowman which was easy to upscale & emboss as a second layer in this card. While digging through the Christmas paper, I found this little mitten print & cut from the same file.

I must say it's pretty easy to pile on the bling when you won't have to mail the card for months! Can you tell I just couldn't help adding more and then more? I guess I might need to make a couple more Christmas projects to get it out of my system!

Also, you might spot a little reindeer there on the very bottom....talking about those tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!


  1. you ALWAYS know how to take something and make something totally different then what it was intended for...YOUR SO this

  2. Looks fabulous!

    P/s: I've been enjoying piling on my scraps too...

  3. Fabulous card, love the glove element and holly leaves.. great to use up stuff!!!

  4. Early start on Christmas cards ! Loved the piling and vintage look :)

  5. Regina is so right...your's awesome.....


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