Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pumpkin Harvest Mug for THE CUTTING CAFE

I spotted my first tree turning red on the way to Cape Code last week. I'm not quite ready for fall yet, but it's around the corner. Some kids are already back to school, in fact! I did get in the mood to work with some fall stuff along with this new mug file that Regina has over at THE CUTTING CAFE called the 3D Cup Template and Cutting File. It's a nice little holder for a gift card, perhaps some carmels, or tea? My birthday season is coming...most everyone in the Pratt Inc. Clan has fall birthdays.

I really decorated big time around the handle. Even used vintage pumpkins! Part of this was because I cut two of the cup files so the inside of my mug could be green and the double paper was super thick. So thick that I used staples to hold it all together. No really, I did.

See? And yes, there might be some stray glitter in the cup bottom. I had to glitter up the lip of the mug because I could. Gold paint would have been involved under normal circumstances, but since I waited until kinda late for this post...and things were wet almost at the time of the gold paint.

Happy Monday to you & enjoy this cutting file!


  1. Love. Love. Love! And for the record..I'm pretty sure you put the glitter on the bottom of the cup on purpose....I'm quite positive....

  2. This looks fabulous, very autumny! And I am looking forward to spring.. however some rain would be very much appreciated too!!

  3. IM SPEECHLESS........sooooooooooooo amazing...

  4. Fantastic 3D cup design. I love the Fall design you used.


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