Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Little Knobby

Great Grandpa Ham made this shelf for me ages and ages ago. In fact, it still has a little Christmas tag at the back of it. This doesn't mean it can't of course get a new look for a new room, which is why I added a fresh coat of paint to the bottom and gave it all new knobs.

New knobs being a relative term here since I think a couple of these door knobs are older than me. I countersunk a couple of them so got to use forstner bits. I also used bolts and the little tiny set screws that came with the knobs to hold them in place. The air nailer got put into use too to add that little scallopy do-dad at the very top of the shelf. My favorite knob of course is that crystal one. Yum!

Ready to be installed here at this house! I got thinking that Grandpa must have made this shelf back in 1998 making it around 18 years old....Super cool!


  1. Super good, love the knobs and pretty decoration on the top too..

  2. Such a unique piece - looking forward to seeing a picture of it in situ!

  3. I am so jealous of your power tool abilities and I vow that one day soon I will learn to wield one or two or many!


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