Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Encampment Layout with Vintage Gold Buttons and Accordion Blooms

Goodness gracious it's nice to go off and stretch your legs for a bit so you appreciate your space when you get back! This layout was waiting for me on my scrapbook table and I needed to add the flowers, journaling, and some bling! It was nice only doing the fun part, which was making those crazy flowers. I'm still in love with banners & accordion blooms which are probably so last year or was it the year before?

There you go! I knew you'd want to see them closer. Technically they are WATER COLOR blooms which makes them trendy since that's the thing these days. I cheated and used some leaves off some upcycled roses as I was done cutting things pretty much after those blooms. I used some vintage gold buttons that I thought matched well with my page. I clipped off the button hooks on the back with some pliers.

My other bling are some glued on gold stars with gems in the middle. None of this is very manly, but they are MY PAGES so I can make them all pretty! It's one of two pages I'm making...the photo of his flight just came in the mail so I'll be making another soon! More blooms? It's entirely possible!

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Awesome! Love how you've incorporated these manly photos with such a beautiful layout. So awesome!


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