Thursday, August 10, 2017

So Very Blessed with Good Food Layout

Sometimes when I'm trying to use up a paper packet, I make an extra page or two without any idea of what photos I will put on them. Of course they may sit for a while until I look through and think, wow, this is perfect for those photos I want to scrap!

See, I pretty much scrap in order or work on recent events so I start with the photo or photos first and see what I might have that works. If I don't have any accumulated backgrounds to use, I make one. In this case, I lucked out!

I also lucked out because my subject (Aunt Connie teaching chopsticks to Lexi) had a birthday yesterday so not only do I get to show you this page, but I get to wish her a happy birthday! What a nice time out and about when we were in Lake George, NY. We really liked this place to eat. Sometimes you are on vacation and the food is sub par, especially in this area where it's very seasonal. Check out that flower cluster! I went digging for a few things that matched and was pretty pleased.

Check out how many letters I used! I had a sticker sheet with the word blessed on it that I started with to use up and then it morphed from there! I was happy at how cool it turned out!

Happy Thursday and a happy belated birthday to Aunt Connie!


  1. Just to say that there was so much food that jeff and I were eating left-over "moo-shoo" for a week after the dinner! Good with or without chopsticks (not available at our cottage.....hmmm, better stock up!)

  2. Love this page and I recognize those flowers! I got a couple of those too! Your pages are just always my favorite!


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