Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Steuben County Rocks

Recently, I learned of a group in my area who was painting rocks and scattering them around our county in hopes to spread joy and happiness. I caught the rock painting bug and urged Lexi to bring her paints along camping and bought a bottle of modge podge at the store before we left. As the back of the rock asks you to post in the Facebook Group Steuben County Rocks, I've seen some of these rocks travel out of our area. I figured it wouldn't be that bad of an idea to paint them here in Cape Cod and scatter them here.

I wouldn't have thought it was addicting until I got caught hiding some and was fleeced of my rocks by two cutie pies who biked off with their treasure. Later I found one of their rocks that was all blue and sparkly and it made me happy.

It seems by the advertisements I've been getting from Michaels that this rock painting thing is a big deal and isn't just regional. It's a good deal for the paint peeps. Our local stores keep getting wiped out! I've been decorating mine with some paint pens too which kinda helps being able to write on a rough surface. I then add a coat of modge podge after so they can survive a rainstorm.

It's been fun placing these and hoping that the person or little person who finds them is super excited!
I'm back to paper tonight I think, but I'm sure I'll have to make another batch of rocks soon!


  1. More and more painted rock pins have being showing on my pinterest joined the latest trend to quick !! First i thought they are used as paperweight..but now I get they are for spreading or scattering as you say ! Loved the ones you shared !

  2. I'm planning a rock painting party soon. There will be wine of course! My girls would so love to find one of your rocks. They are beautiful!

  3. How awesome! I would love to find one of these rocks somewhere....and now I want to paint rocks! These are the most beautiful I've seen so far though...


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