Monday, October 9, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar Two

Goodness gracious, so far I'm keeping up! Usually I start these a lot later & I like a little pressure with my I'll see how I do! This one was made possible by that really pretty decorative base that someone thrust in my hands at work and demanded I take home. I'm not kidding. They loaded the scrap pile at work into the dumpster and selected a few items for me. I was going to keep these jars all at the same level so they got progressively bigger, but then that seemed boring...especially when that gold jar worked so well with that base...

My inspiration for Jar 2 came from Linda's tag over at the Funkie Junkie. I was really excited to work with cream, gold, and some stars.

I added some purple to mine, mainly because my Victorian Santa was well, purple. I like it though, makes me happy. Those vintage holly leaves and the snowflakes came from the ReStore as well. At some point soon, they start bringing down all the Christmas boxes they have been hoarding all year so I'm anxious to see what they have! It's kinda a tradition of mine!

Another tradition of mine is to hop over to the Funkie Junkie after this contest is over and STOCK UP for the year. I do see Linda is running a Columbus Day weekend sale though at the moment...hmmmm......

Happy Monday to you!


  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! Love it!

  2. Oh I love the stand! Love the addition of plum and the vintage imagery. Stunning! Big hugs, Autumn

  3. Now you need some snow! Love the white and Amber combo!

  4. Wow this looks wonderful.. looking forward to seeing your creations! Cant believe how close Christmas is getting though....

  5. Love the vintage look and the touch of gold, really beautiful!

  6. Wow, Mitra, this is fantastic. I LOVE the base (and your sharing how you acquired it:). The jar is such a pretty shade of amber and the purple works beautifully with it. The Victorian Santa is awesome. All in all, a fantastic addition to your Christmas jar collection!



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