Saturday, October 7, 2017

Nuts About You Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

THE MAN has an upcoming birthday so I wanted to make him a funny card. By funny, I mostly meant funny to me.

At the current moment THE MAN and the dog aren't on the same page as the dog believes he should spend every possible minute chasing the chipmunks and squirrels who are frantically getting ready for winter. They don't wish to be menaced and must take precious time to say rude things to the dog when they aren't dropping nuts on his head. THE MAN thinks the dog should chill and come when he's called, not ten minutes later with his nose all dirty and attempting to look innocent.

I think THE MAN appreciated the humor of my acorn card although he did grimace a bit and reminded me that red squirrels are the worst. It was supposed to be a treat cup card, but I thought it would make a cool shaker so ran with that idea. Shimmer hearts, how can you go wrong!?

Regina has a full range of awesome treat cups to celebrate fall & Halloween, or in this case...a fall birthday! The Halloween & Fall Treat Cup Cards at the Cutting Cafe really are very versatile! Well, I'm off to do some yard work and play mediator between the dog and the chipmunks....and then time to make a birthday pie!

Happy Saturday!


  1. everything you do has a story behind it....that is amazing my are a one of a kind crafter...

  2. Love me a shaker like the added KEY to this card creation and your story as well - TFS have a blessed week and give that dog a pat on the head - dirty nose and all!

  3. Yeah, red squirrels ARE the worst if they get in your house and chew up all the wiring for snacks. Luckily none here at the lake...yay! So charge on have good instincts...


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