Monday, January 1, 2018

Be Kind: First Project of the Year for Another Freaking Scrappy

Happy New Year's Day! Just popping in with a little project I made yesterday. I won't lie. It's been extremely cold here and the mojo has been on vacation since the break. Good thing I have been hoarding some really lovely items like that pretty fame and those awesome big blooms which encouraged me to put down the book and get creative!

Anne over at Another Freaking Scrappy gave us the assignment this month of making a layout or project that talks about personal resolutions or goals, or how you want to improve something. It can be bettering yourself, making something better in your world, or the world in general. I thought a little frame that tells us to Be Kind or to Bee Kind :-) would be a good way to start the year. 

My favorite part besides using a lot of super pretty flowers, was making that honey comb out of some cardboard chippies I found. Believe it or not, I used whiteout to paint them white as it's fast drying and then added some ink in yellow. Nobody said I had to be patient yesterday! 

A little marker on the edges helped grunge them up. I actually used a sheet of tissue paper & some gold modge podge on the very back of the piece. The tissue was wrapped around an erosion bundle that I recently brought in that's been outside for about six months. I was supposed to have shown you that I'll be back tomorrow with a few photos! 

Have a great New Year's Day!


  1. Happy New year..Good start with a beautiful frame :)

  2. So pretty. Love the bee hive and bee to illustrate your theme.
    I do believe in always being kinder than necessary. Happy new year my friend! Hope 2018 is a fruitful and healthy one for you. Much love.

  3. Oh! Now I see! Beeeeeeee... love it!! I think we can use a little kindness... just a smidge ... or maybe a whole bunch... idk... but this IS beautiful either way...


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