Saturday, January 6, 2018


In keeping with my first post of the year, of Being Kind or shall I say Beeing Kind :-) I decided to make a RAK Journal for THE CUTTING CAFE. Randomly (see what I did there?) I got my first RAK shortly there after!

So many cool printable pages for this journal! I used watercolor paper & distressed the edges which made me happy. This is an add on for the planner but could also be made into a seperate book like mine.

I can't decide whether I'll be gifting it to a friend or adding my first Random Act of Kindess in it.

We have kindness rocks here (well, I am sure they are a lot of places) and I found one in the wild today! So cool. I played a little rock music for my ROCK and then rehid for someone else to enjoy!

Happy Saturday! Hope it's full of unexpected joy and loveliness!


  1. OH so pretty! Love it! Of course you need that journal... you'll fill it up in NO time!! Hey... I finished my cubbies... you can come look if you want sometime...

  2. oh to be on the end of a RAK from you would be magical...everything you touch is this book girl

  3. I love this idea. Not only would it inspire me to commit to more random acts of kindness, but wouldn't it be so gratifying to look back over time and see how many lives you have touched in a positive way!


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