Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hufflepuff Framed Crest with THE CUTTING CAFE Paper Flower File

Over at THE CUTTING CAFE it's a free week, which means we get to pick any cutting file we want to use! I always really enjoy making flowers so I indulged myself. It's the perfect file if you are trying to match a look but all of your flowers are in the wrong colors or you want them a specific size.

In my case I was looking for something vintage yet not overpowering because the crest is so bright. A sheet of patterned paper with postcards did the trick! I used the Paper Flower Template & Cutting File and made the largest size blooms just a little smaller so I could fit two whole sets on my cutting mat.

I always add centers to mine if I'm being extra fancy. This involves cutting a small hole for the stamens to sit in and then I add hot glue. Some of my flowers got some shimmer spray to darken them a little.

A trick to using patterned paper is to pick the really plain pieces for the center with a more interesting piece for the outer part. I also made a flower that looks like it's just opening for some contrast.

I had to of course make a snitch as well too. That is just a round ball with two holes drilled. I added two bendy sparkly feathers with one side cut off and then some contours with hot glue on the ball. Some gold spray paint completed the project! This project is a gift so it's heading out of here shortly!

Happy Saturday!


  1. mitra, your flowers are simply scrumptious.....

  2. This is SO cool! The flowers are beautiful and the rest of it is just so awesome!

  3. the flowers are beautiful! I started adding flowers to all the blank spaces on my paper when cutting stuff out. Now I need to get some made. I love the centers you added and need to find me some.


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