Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Erosion Bundle Collaboration Reveal

Since this past August...back when the days were sunny and flowers were blooming....a little bundle of paper, string, fabric, and some seam binding has been hanging out wrapped in tissue paper & exposed to the elements here at Pratt Inc. Well, a couple of days ago it was time to bring it in for a thaw and a peek-see.

Was so pleased with mine! I didn't bury one because somehow I knew we'd be in the single digits here in NY and figured that unburying would be most unpleasant. Not to mention, possibly the ground would be under snow cover. It was hard enough waiting for the gosh darn thing to thaw....I was most impressed with the doily. The age spots make me happy too. I had added a bunch of sumac which dyed the paper a little.

My most favorite item though was quite unexpected. I didn't know that I'd love the wrinkled & faded tissue paper quite so much. In fact, I didn't wait for our collaboration project and started using it right away! I figure I have quite a bit so I can use a little now! It went on like a dream with that sparkly Martha glitter glue.

Wish me luck! I'm dreaming up a big project now for the collaboration!


  1. You must be so pleased with how it turned out! I had never heard of doing this before. I don't blame you for not going with the burying underground option!

  2. So yeah.. that's cool! and Beautiful project... not sure I could have waited either...LOVE!


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