Monday, January 22, 2018

Hazel Barger's Scrapbook & some Vintage Yummies

Don't ask me how a little scrapbook & school memory book from 1927 and Bynum Texas ended up at our ReStore. We've had a lot of fun here with it at Pratt Inc. because of course it had to come home with me.

I've quite enjoyed flipping through Hazel's School Memory book. I've gleaned important details such as red and white carnations were her favorite, she recalled when someone put a bullet in the stove during Physics class and she was Class Secretary despite being the new girl as a senior.

Hazel was quite a cutie! Love the bow! And as far as I can tell, Jinnie V. is one of her besties. The pile that came home from the store included some much older photos and a couple of newer ones.

This one is BY FAR my favorite. I mean look at those hats! And course we should take a photo with our favorite instruments...

Another gem was a poem....we think was written by Hazel.

In the East, a copper disk
Hangs in a cloudless sky
A thunderous silence fills the air
Shimmers catch the eye
Two thousand miles
From you!
And this moon smiles there too!
I feel your breath I hear your sigh
Your sparkling eyes behold
Brighter than the twinkling stars
Brighter a thousand fold
So far away
My heart
And we must stay
But maybe you behold the moon
With other eyes than mine
Perhaps another’s arms may hold
You from time to time
I tell the moon to say

Love fades so soon away

Lexi and I had to have a quick google and see if we could find Hazel. We pawed through quite a few searches but didn't really find her. We'll continue to enjoy her albums and eventually we'll make some art with all the pretty vintage things!

Happy Monday!


  1. WOW, what a find!! Must have been fun looking through it.

  2. So cool. I'm sure Hazel would be happy you've discovered her items. I love the poem...


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