Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Beautiful Recycled Bird House from the ReStore

So, a while back the Corning ReStore had a large group that wanted to work in the store for Martin Luther King Day. We had the bright idea of combining bird house construction with a little store rearranging since the group was pretty big. The bird houses are made out of OSB which generally speaking should be painted to make it last longer. A volunteer made us a TON of kits and the group put them together. A few of them got painted...none of them quite look like this one though....

I gave one to my parents who have glammed it up as a raffle item. Even the back is pretty! And I love the license plate top!

Love the spray painted leaves! Such a simple yet very cool idea! Hope they make a ton of money for their cause!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That is the trendiest bird house I have ever seen!!

  2. Cool..and colorful..very interesting use of number plate !

  3. Beautiful! And very cool! Love it!


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