Monday, May 28, 2018

Just a Rollin'

With a little help of some Twisted Tea and an extra dose of patience, I managed to get half of the kitchen ceiling cut in and rolled. There are a trillion things to cut around on the ceiling due to all the can lights and I'm certainly not a painting speed demon...I was pretty pleased with the color. The previous painter did not leave any extra paint so I had to get some mixed up. I'm pretty sure originally the kitchen was a purple blue color, including the ceiling. The pale yellow needed a second coat to cover up that blue, especially around the lights. It's actually brightened up the ceiling quite a lot, so that's pretty awesome.

I had company as Lexi decided to paint a bird house on the island. She's about half done too. It takes a lot of effort to get a good looking galaxy. The bird house is a donation for a library garage sale, so we really want it to be pretty so they get a lot of money for it!

It's pretty much summer here now. It was super hot over the long weekend and the flowers are out in full force. This is one of my favorite views. Turns out a brick house looks good with a lot of purple & red plants! Love those hanging baskets. Spotted a hummer out and about here today and it made me happy.

The little cedar knee garden is pretty cute too. Love those candelabra primrose and those hosta! So pretty!

What a nice long weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with the layout I made & perhaps even later in the week with Lexi's galaxy bird house!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh I see so many beautiful plants I do miss very much! And that birdhouse...what a cool paintjob!! I'd buy it... and my husband would be mad at!


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