Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cyber Patriot Layout for Civil Air Patrol

I've been holding onto this photo for a month or two. I always struggle with pages that are for accomplishments vs. actual memories of mine. It's harder for me, but I always want to document what my kids are up to. This is a photo of the end of last year's Cyber Patriot when their group won second place in NY! Cyber Patriot is hosted by the Air Force and these kids learn important STEM skills.  It's also a subgroup in Civil Air Patrol, so just when you think your kid can't get any busier....

The circles were inspired by that B-Sides sticker the kids got from a trip to Rochester which was a hacker conference. So, I used a circle cutter to expose some patterned paper under the blue. I wanted some special patriotic flowers so made some out of star paper. I haven't made those in ages!

Luke's the tall one on the left side. I always love how sharp they look in their blues! Well, wish them luck this next year! They are starting up practice again!

Happy Saturday! I've got a hot date with a paint brush in my kitchen since it's raining here today!


  1. Fabulous layout, what a great photo and love the rosette flowers too..

  2. Fantastic layout! Love the circles and love how you mixup your letters... for your titles.. and your handwritten journaling around the edges... awesome!


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