Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Long Weekend

Been off on a bit of a blogging break. I'm not quite right if I don't get a chance to play with some hot glue or paper & then write about it, so I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. Got lots to do. Some of which is a bit of gardening. Got a new to me planter to fill that I just got painted up with some black spray paint and I see the garden with the yellow magnolia is also trying to grow grass as well as tiger lilies. Got that page I want to scrap from last weekend's camping trip....

I'm told by THE MAN that Saturday is the best day for him to get some work done since Sunday and Monday are supposed to be rainy. This is good because even though I've been up to my ears in houses at work, there is work to do on my own. It won't hurt my feelings to be inside if it's a bit rainy.

The other day one of our new homeowners was complaining about working all the time and never getting a chance to get anything done around the house. I hear ya Sister, I really do. I'll have a paint brush in my hand for part of the weekend and it won't be on something crafty! That kitchen ceiling won't paint itself!

The good news on that end is that I have finally taught myself how to paint a good trim line. Last year when I was working in the front entry way I tried and tried, but never got a good line up around the ceiling. Turns out a really good brush goes a long way in the right direction to a good line. When I was half my age, I used to think by the time I hit 40 I would know quite a lot. Turns out that I really don't, but I'm OK with that. I can now say though that I can paint a good trim line though.

A couple of weeks back, our office Nazi Susan asked where I got the background for what I do at work. She's really quite a nice lady, but is very firm on our slovenly ways.  I laughed at the question as I really couldn't pin point a previous job that really laid the groundwork for Habitat. It's more a collection of things and then some of it is working on my own place. She listened to me to belly laughing for a few minutes on the thought I actually appeared to know what I was doing. Then she said, do you know who left those boxes on the table? We really should get those picked up.

Speaking of houses, we have two new houses in our summer line up at work. One is nearly 100 years old and the other is just a baby. The 100 year old house will have some foundation work and an addition, while the brand new one just got set earlier this week. I had no idea I was capable of organizing a set crew, crane, hauling guy, the state police, and camera guy. I didn't actually sleep the night before so it made the interviews interesting. By the time they were asking me questions both pieces of the house were set and my brain was jello!

Well, I'm off. At the moment I have a hot date to play with hot glue and some green wire nuts and yes it's crafting related!


  1. This made me giggle! Go bossy work ladies. They make places run well! And GO YOU! That’s way impressive for your life resume. Trim lines & setting houses!!! Yes, I know, I don’t pop up often, but I’m still around;)

  2. All I know is ... I wanna be you when I grow up... and I'm older than you so... there's that.


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